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July 23, 2010 / joyful plate

I am love

Prawn scene from I am Love-Magnolia Pictures; Chef Carlo Cracco culinary advisor (Milan)

This movie has a lot to offer – Italian grandeur. Tilda Swinton. High drama. But what I want to write about is…THE FOOD SCENE.

Food has the power to unlock our imagination, to help connect us with our most sensual selves: the anticipation, the presentation, the consumption, the satisfaction…all elevates eating to an experience far beyond the physical.

That’s what Tilda Swinton’s character seems to enjoy in I am love. A simple dish of prawns and ratatouille transports her to her best self.  Gorgeous food, artfully prepared and creatively presented can take us to this place, and it was wonderful to go there with her.

This scene has had a huge impact- not only on me…but the press is devouring it….

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