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August 3, 2015 / joyful plate

joyful plate fancy food show 2015

Let’s talk what it means to be fancy in food. The lines are blurring in food shows today-walking the Javitz Center I found myself mixing moods every few minutes -one bite of gourmet sardine rillettes and the next, a sip of raw nut milk. While functional foods are hot and now play in this space, for this piece I put on my fancy pants to relish in brands that honor their emotional side- food that stimulates with fantasy and fun. And while these products all taste wonderful, what makes food fancy is design that creates a world around the brand, with a look that captivates the imagination. Fancy Sangria & Gazpacho~Lolea! Hola Lolea! Recently imported from Spain to Miami by Bodega & Company, Lolea combines wine and fruit with refreshing frizzante flair. And doesn’t this polka dot package put you in the mood to party?! The design is so stylish and distinctive it can easily become the backdrop for your next summer soiree. Shop Casa Lolea to pick up a cheerful ice bucket or check out cool sangria cocktail recipes like “The Conquista de Granada”. Needless to say, I am in love with Lolea – Desde Siempre! Find it in a store near you in the East (FL, VA, MD and NY), in the West (So Cal and Hawaii) and in the MidWest (IL, MN, MI, IN, WI) . faddda95-05ce-4eab-a222-c68262124b39 to read more joyful plate fancy food show 2015 click here


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