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January 28, 2011 / joyful plate

Now that’s good coffee!

When you’re looking for a good cup of coffee there’s the good, the bad, and the very ugly. Surprisingly, this is even the case in New York City. And, nothing is more irritating than spending $3+ on a really mediocre cup. Life’s too short to drink bad coffee (I think I have a running t-shirt somewhere with that quote!).

Good brewed coffee is not only one of life’s greatest pleasures, but on some mornings, it’s life support. And as a new entrepreneur, making coffee at home just makes good sense. That’s why I was thrilled to attend the “Art of Coffee” event at the Andaz hotel last week-sponsored by Urnex.

Coffee expert Louis Poore  guided us through a demonstration on how to make the perfect cup of coffee. He used two methods – a Technivorm machine (the Lamborghini of  coffee machines) and also a Hario V60 Ceramic Pour Over (all the rage at the moment).

For the best coffee, use fresh, cold water and fresh roasted whole beans. Remember coffee is sacred-don’t treat it as a commodity, treat it with care!  Start to get in the habit of buying smaller amounts to give you the chance to sample different blends. Store it in a place that’s dry and airtight- the darker the better. When grinding, aim for particles that are consistent in size. And don’t be shy-use 2T. coffee to 6 oz. water for a good, potent cup.

So what makes coffee sub-par? One of the most common issues is an unclean machine. Coffee can get oxidized and go rancid in your coffee maker, so periodically cleaning it removes mineral deposits and keeps it well tuned.  Urenex’s 1-2 Brew Kit is super easy to use and keeps you engaged in the coffee making experience. You can find it on-line at or find individual products “Cleancaf” and “Dezcal” at Bed, Bath & Beyond. I tried them out on my tired machine to give it a little lift.

Urnex is a manufacturer of specialty cleaning products for coffee and espresso equipment. Founded in 1936, Urnex’s portfolio of powders, liquids, and tablets is distributed in over 50 countries around the world. For more information, visit



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  1. Kevin Sinnott / Feb 1 2011 7:07 pm

    Agree with all you’ve said, including the very vital task of keeping the gear clean. I’ve met people who actually think the residue buildup is a seasoning of their coffeeware. Ouch! Great blog post – I will have to try you coffee next time I’m in NYC. I usually go to Oren’s.

    Warm regards,

    • joyful plate / Feb 1 2011 7:22 pm

      Thanks, Kevin…the folks at Urnex gave some great perspective. You can buy their cleaners on line-the link is in the post. Cheers!

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