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March 14, 2011 / joyful plate

The new face of food

(Gorilla coffee)

One of the most important social movements to emerge in the last few years is the food movement, according to Michael Pollan. And as with social movements like Indie Rock and Indie Film, Indie Food has a brand new face. These past few months I’ve been hitting the pavement in nyc, visiting specialty food shops from Williamsburg to Chelsea up to Morningside Heights to see what the new face of food and beverage looks like. Here are a few packaging trends that caught my eye.

Everything’s getting a re-think: even staples like ketchup and mayo.

Honey is all the buzz-especially with this kind of charm.

Sophisticated sparkling juice is cause for celebration.

Is chocolate the new wine section? Check out the depth and breadth of this display.

A modern tea culture has arrived, gloriously wrapped in ceremonial dress.

What’s next in snacks…..real fruit freshness.

Old world curry and ponzu is exciting and new.

A colorful palette of tastes and flavors to get creative with in the kitchen.

Brooklyn is brining big time with all kinds of freshness and confidence.

The sensibility is often bold, irreverent and inventive. In this pasta display, the Vermicelli takes center stage.

Thanks for reading-more thoughts from the road coming soon!

Note: Most images were taken by M. Lawton in preparation for this report as examples of modern food packaging.


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  1. Deva Naturals / Mar 14 2011 2:19 pm

    “Everything’s getting a re-think: even staples like ketchup and mayo.”

    Hey there!
    About time, don’t u think ?

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