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September 17, 2012 / joyful plate

joyful plate SPIN SERIES: Food Beverage Boutique Trends

This series celebrates the Food and Beverage Boutique. Some smart entrepreneurs have developed “big idea” retail/online concepts that make staying healthy a stylish way of life. What these stores have in common: unique products and services with a fresh and engaging tone of voice and a strong sense of community.

Organic Avenue (461 Amsterdam Ave location), New York, NY.

Organic Avenue: The “Food of LOVE”. The concept is brilliant and big, and the execution creative and courageous. Organic Avenue is a “lifestyle company and a gateway to a new life” offering all kinds of interesting juicing and cleansing programs, “LOVE easy” (for novices) to LOVE deep (truly cleaning house). The juices are offered in fresh glass bottles and made with organic, cold pressed ingredients with everything from turmeric, cashew hemp “mylk”, purified alkaline water, Irish moss and Himalayan sea salt.
Your Lululemon customer is here for sure, and anyone who wants to browse for the latest raw foods, connect with their community or sign up for special seminars (like Live Blood consultations per their website). E-commerce equipped, consumers can easily create an account to order the cleanse of the week (like a deep juice/beauty skin cleanse). The LOVE SUPPORT “rawk-star” team can guide you to make a choice that’s right for you. Importantly, they show the love to the world by committing to sustainable actions for the planet, for animals and for fellow humans.

It’s the new lifestyle formula for success: an amazing cross-section where health meets spa meets science meets fashion and foodie. It’s all happening on Organic Avenue-in numerous New York City hot spots (including a pop-up store near Bergdorf Goodman) and in South Hampton.
For more trends, including Momofuku Milk Bar, David’s Tea and Chobani click here:
joyful plate SPIN SERIES trends

Copyright © 2012 -joyful plate LLC. All rights reserved. Brand images are the copyright of the original owners. References to products and brands are not an endorsement, rather a point of view on branding trends. Links are provided for the purpose of providing accuracy. For any edits or corrections to this information please email and we will update information as requested. Thank you.


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