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February 17, 2013 / joyful plate

joyful plate risotto evening for West Side Campaign Against Hunger

In January, joyful plate shared an evening of risotto and wine with new friends in Brooklyn. The event had been featured as an auction item at the West Side Campaign Against Hunger’s Fall 2012 annual dinner ( Marianne Vernetson and Maggie Corry were the successful bidders and generous co-hosts. Also attending were Jamie Kiley,  Jen Bokoff and David Bone (who was the photographer for the evening). Wines were generously donated by Royal Wine Corp.  Michelle Lawton, founder of joyful plate cooked and shared stories of her travels through Italy and a bit of wine 101. Three kinds of risotti were made: asparagus and white wine, chorizo and cremini mushroom with cognac & cream. And a lot of great conversation was stirred up as well.

For more on the history of risotto, how to make risotto, Amarone as the perfect wine for risotto and joyful plate’s curiosity for risotto click here:

And for more of David Bone’s photography, click here:


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